The foundation for AFAQ Herbal Clinic was set up by our respected grand-father Ashfaq Ahmed (Late).  The peculiar quality of this clinic is that our grand-father had set-up this one the pure herbal and homeopathic medicines.  He was aware of the disadvantages and harms of the fake advertisements and claims of the quakes and so-called doctors, so he prevented himself and his staff from such things. This unique training inherited our father, respected Dr. Afaq Geer Ahmed and he continued his great mission with the same passion of research and experiments and so he succeeded to achieve a very good status in his profession. Respected Ashfaq Ahmed (Late) was very kind to the poor and needy and he treated the poor patients free of cost. He had reserved a separate part of his clinic for this purpose. Due to the kindness and poor-loving nature of our grand-father, a lot of people came from different cities for the treatment and to buy the medicines with a great discount. Seeing this, respected Molana Dr. Ali Afaq decided to provide the facility of “Free-online-consultation” and free delivery of the medicines according to the symptoms of the patients. According to the order and legacy of respected Ashfaq Ahmed (Late), to spend specific part of the income to the poor and to build Madrasas (religious-institutions) and schools, to help the widows, to organize the collective-marriages of the orphans and to do the other welfare works, this website has been designed. Respected Hazrat Molana Ali Afaq is a doctor along with a spiritual-physician. He is actually by-profession a very good doctor.  Due to the rush on his clinic and to seeing the facility of the patients, coming from very far, this website has been launched, so that we may send and deliver the medicines online according to the symptoms.  In this way, both the spiritual and physical problems will be solved simultaneously. Usually the patients who have spiritual problems, have also stomach, liver and sexual diseases and they do not want to discuss the symptoms of such diseases to anyone due to shyness and at last these diseases become very critical and dangerous. Sometimes the patients got tired after the treatment from numerous doctors and due to the spiritual issues, they could not get proper cure.  If such persons will start the spiritual treatment along with the physical treatment, they will be surely cure. The purpose of this clinic is actually to serve the people.  Seeing this, the patients will be send the medicines according to the symptoms without earning the great profits and with a suitable rate.


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