Our institutions is a unique and special one for spiritual and physical treatment under the supervision of respected Hazrat Molana Ali Afaq. This institution is a welfare organization based on to serve the humanity on the non-profit base. The basic purposes of this institution are to solve the problems of the people suffering from the magic, evil-effects, business, job-hurdles and other problems. There are a lot of symptoms of the magic. For example; the fight in the family without a particular reason, dis-obedience of the sons and daughters, could not be able to get good marks, having a lot of talent, the marriage-problems, impotency, various problems in job, feeling some un-natural creatures in the home, feeling fear at night, having blood-drops on wall and floors, finding the bones, meat or other frightening element, fights between the husband and wife, various problems in the birth of children, feeling a very bad smell in the home, feeling uneasy and un-satisfaction in the home, etc.

Love-Marriage (Mohabbat Ki Shadi)
Un-Lawful or Un-Ethical Relations
Journey to Foreign Countries
Hurdles in Marriage
The Wealth Blessings
Infertility Due to Magic and Giants
Social Problems
Un-Lawful Capturing
The Court Cases
The Hurdles in Business
Hurdles in the Job
Eradication of the Magical and Giant’s Effect
Istekhara (To Consult with Allah Almighty)
The Dream Interpretation
The Hurdles in the Journey
The Hurdles in the Journey and the Wealth
The Family Problems
The Marriage Problems
The Health Problems
Infertility due to Magic & Jinn (Giants)
The Problems of Children
Social Problems
The Hurdle in Business
The Hurdles in the Marriage
Why not Cure Yourself?
To Eliminate the Curel
The Victory in Judicial-Cases
The Husband-Wife Problems
The Love Marriage
Get “Lauh-e-Tashkeer”, “Lauh-e-Rizq” and Others
Get the Ism-e-Azam
The Problem of Infertility
Disobedience of Children
To Solve the Problems of Illegal Ownership
The Facility of Treatment At Everywhere in the World
The Cure Through Amulets and Spells
The Face-to-Face Fight of the Spiritual-Scholar with the Magical and Satan Forces and Giants on the Patient