Sadaqa Ka Ammal

Sadaqa Ka Ammal

A peculiar deed of sacrifice or alms (SADQA): In the light of Sahih Ahadith the “Sadqa“ plays a vital role to survive from cruelty of death and get rid of agonies. Considering this our organization has been arranging for the special action of Sadqa for the last many years. And their marvelous results have been observed by all people who pay Sadqa and perform this deed as instructed. The marvelous results of this special deed of Sadqa are follows:

  • The returns of lost things, person, money and ornaments.
  • The effects of magic giants, bad looks, restrictions in the trade and business, the end of restrictions in employment, avoids resistance in new relationships and also helps recovering from diseases.
  • This Sadqa deed is also useful and helpful for those people who are under pressure of their health and wealth loss from others and are in fear of black magicians and evil spirits.
  • Such people who are in abroad, Sadqa is a perfect security for those and their families living in other countries.
  • It is also a solution for the education problems, getting best results in education, pious and favorable marriage proposals.
  • There is no other perfect deed than Sadqa for have blessings and business, vanquishing the enemies and to win the hearts of higher level authorities and officers, or any problem and need life this deed is a perfect solution for all.
  • The people who wish to start new business, new job, new home construction, shifting to new personal or rented home, can get benefit from this deed of Sadqa. Please come and join us in this deed of Sadqa, we perform this deed in the first 10 days of each English month. For any permissible purpose Rs. 2,100/- (two thousand one hundred only) to be paid in Sadqa is essential.


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