The Greatest Miracle of NABI AKRAM صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم is The Holy Quran Quran e Pak is the greatest miracle the safety of which upto the day of resurrection (Qayamah) has been guaranteed by Almighty Allah Himself. Millions of Sahaba Karam, Taabieen, Taba Tabieen, Aemma-e-mujtahideen and other muslim Huffaz have been memorizing it (the Holy Quran) by heart till today and preserve its originality in their hearts. It is a settled reality that Quran and Deen e islam have been sent in this world to survive till Qayamah. Lucky are the people who have enlightened their own hearts and those of their off-springs with the sacred light (NOOR) of Quran and by acting upon this code of life have become Jannat and will be able to assure Jannat for 10 more people for whom the fire of Jahannum (hell) will be declared. Such people who are desirous of Easal e Sawab it is a golden chance for them. The publication of this heavenly book the distribution and to spread it upto people has been declared as Sadqa e Jaria (the everlasting virtue for the people to achieve the pleasure of ALLAH upto Qayamah) even after their death. So you are invited to come forward and become the source of favorable sacrifice for your kith and kin and other passed away muslims and earn unlimited Sawab (reward) by giving it as charity to mosques, libraries, madaris and distant villages up to your capacity or make the free distribution of Quran e Pak sure through the institutions and become deserving for Jannah from Allah (Subhanahu Watala). Please click here to get Quran and to gift Quran Pak also.


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