These are our running Islamic institutes which are purposed built for Islamic education.



“And those who benefit other,

earns the eternal names,

in this world and the other”.


“Who is the best among people,

Who benefits others”.

Under the supervision of Hazrat Molana Ali Afaq our institution is a unique spiritual as well as a welfare organization.  For the suffering and needy people, this institution is doing a great job on non-profit basis.  Under this institution, different projects are running since years.

The donations received by the institution are delievered with sincere and justice after approving from the board.

Some branches of our institution are listed below:

Department of Religious Education

This is a great religious institution for both the boys and girls in Lahore. In this institution, children are taught Quranic Knowledge, the knowledge of Hadith and Sunnah and other basic Islamic education.  Islam focuses on the knowledge a lot and that is why our institution is running this department on preferred basis.  There are 5 different institutions (Madrassas) under this department; near Kauan Kachha, Nangar Chowk, Wapda Town, Lahore.  77-C, Model Town, Lahore. P/A Colony, Lahore.  Nasheman Iqbal, Near Shaukat Khanam Hospital, Lahore.

In all above religious institutions, the children are taught general education till matriculation.  In this department, there are almost 500 students and about 40 teachers and qualified staff.  The monthly expenses on this department are about 5-lakh rupees.

Department of Schools Education

To provide free higher education to the poor and needy children, our institution has arranged school-education on two different places, in which there are about 300 students, who are studying the monthly expenses on this department are one and half–lakh rupees (1,50,000).

Department of HealthEducation

Under this department, the poor and needy people are treated free of cost. Free medical camps are also arranged under this department in order to give awareness to the people about health.  Up till now, thousands of patients are treated in the last 8 years.  The monthly expenses in this department are about 50 to 60 thousands. A lot no of orphans are study in the school.

Department of Welfare to Deserving Like Widows & Orphans

In this department, the widows are helped in such a way that they earn money without any difficulty, so that the curse of beggars could be eliminated and to provide a proper earning.

In this context, the widows are provided sewing-machines and practical training of clothing, according to the religious norms.

Department of Welfare to Deserving Like Widows & Orphans

In this department, the expenses of marriage, which are great hurdle for the poor and needy girls are beared with the help of rich persons.  A lot of collective-marriages are arranged in this context.

Department of Disable Persons

To arrange the Wheel-Chairs and Tri-Cycle for the needy and disable people and to facilitate them is our duty in this department.  The work is in progress in this context.

Department of Reducing Un-Employment

In this department, we try to provide a proper work and job for the skilled and capable people, so that the un-employed people may become a good citizens of the society and to earn with dignity and honour.

All these departments and institutions are running with the grace of Allah Almighty and with the assistance of the rich people.  Please come forward and contribute in this context. May Allah Almighty help us.