Istakhara is an act which is according to the sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).  Numerous prayers are present in the traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in this regard.  There is no need to go to any other person, scholar or “Peer”, etc. in this context.  That is enough to act upon the traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in this regards.  But some people want to know the solution of their problems and they usually go to some spiritual experts.

  • How will this business?
  • How will be that country for my business, job and other works?
  • How will that girl for me as a wife?
  • Will that day become beneficial for me?
  • How long will this work complete for that person?
  • When will I get marriage? And when will my that friend will marriage?
  • When this patient will be cured?
  • What will be the interpretation of this dream?
  • Am I affected with the evil-effects of magic or giants? (Write-down the symptoms)

You can get the answers of all such questions.  The answer will be emailed to you after the Istakhara.  Fill the following from for that.  That is a unique and special consultation and Istakhara.  Get the benefit with this and also tell your friend and other people. For the purpose of marriage, business, job and all other problems fill up the following form and know the answers. To Get Success in Court-Case/Transfer/Promotion/Inquiry/Department: Today, there are problems hurdles and difficulties everywhere and it is all the results of what humans do.  It is a law of nature that you will face the situation according to your own works and deeds. However, when the person accepts his mistakes, contacts to his creator Allah Almighty and wants the forgiveness, then Allah Almighty removes his difficulties and hurdles like joblessness, court-cases and other worries.  In this regards, our institution provide the services for such people who are involved in various difficulties and problems.  Those people who are illegally involved in different cases of courts by their enemies, can get help and the ways to be out of them from our institution.  We provide the effective, unique and powerful spells which can bring you out of such cases and can solve your problems of postings, transfer & promotion in jobs & success in Department Inquriy.  So come forward and get the benefit from our institution. Make the Home/House Protected: Many people are not aware of the spiritual defence.  Without it, there may be different problems like evil-effects, restlessness, worries, business-problems, dis-obedience of the children, quarrels and fights (between husband and wife and other family members), No customers come to the shop, different and complex issues in the business, etc. The blood-drops on the walls and floors, very bad smell, feeling the fear at any specific place or corner, hearing different and strange voices, finding the meat, rice, etc. are those symptoms which require the proper treatment.  Sometimes all the family members aree feeling the hatred emotions against each other.  In all such circumstances, it needs to control the situation with the proper treatment to eradicate the evil effects from the home.  It is required to start the treatment as early as possible, otherwise the situation will become more tragic & worse. If you have such diseases which are cureless or you have all tests clear but the disease is still in the body, then you should start the spiritual treatment  (Ruhani Ilaj) at once. Immigration/Journey to Foreign Country: If you or your family members or your friend wants to go to the foreign country but feels the hurdles and difficulties, or anyone feel the problems in the permanent stay in any foreign country, or your friend or relative is facing numerous problems in going to foreign countries despite having the ability and qualification, then please contact us and get the benefit from the spiritual services (Support Spiritual) of our institution.  You will get the success with the grace of Allah Almighty.