Hazrat Maulana Ali Afaq sb is a doctor by professional and he is running a clinic. He has been serving the world with his spiritual world of knowledge, since 1997. He serves the ailing community/people with the idea of worship. He fully serves with enthusiastic feelings of service of the humanity as a whole. The project he works upon is a living proof of his services and affections for humanity. He has special expertise of about expulsion of Jinnat, evil spirits and magic. The agonies on account of domestic querrels, trade or office employment. The expulsion of Jinnat (evil spirits) is his special subject. His peculiarity is that teaching the knowledge about jinnat, he teaches the method how to keep oneself safe from all such abnormalities, like black magic, Jinnat and Satans. His sphere of services is not only limited to Pakistan rather it is extended to all countries abroad, due to which numerous people in different countries has been benefitted, for which he himself and his institution are thankful to Allah Subhanahu Watala.

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