Our institution is a welfare organization based on non-profit traditions. This institution is serving under the spiritual supervision of Respected Molana Ali Afaq, which tries to solve the problems of suffering people on preferred basis. To keep the situation secret, our institution has provided the email facility, so that the persons having any kind of problem can consult and get the solution of problems very easily and quickly. For this, please fill the form below: Some questions which the patients and suffering people generally ask, are listed below:

Q: How long is the treatment? And what is the guarantee for this treatment?

A: It depends upon the situation and symptoms of the patient. Sometimes, it will be early and in some circumstances, it will be long. Our concern is with the spiritual symptoms like the magic and the giants. For those patients who have physical diseases along with the spiritual symptoms, are required to consult with some physician or doctor also. Such physical diseases are automatically created when the patients have spiritual diseases like magic and it lasts for a long time. When the patient of the magic starts his spiritual treatment in the early stages, he does not need any physical treatment, but when the magic remains in the body for a long time, it creates several physical and psychological diseases and in such cases, physical treatment or psychological consultations becomes necessary along with the spiritual treatment. In such cases both the physical and spiritual treatment will be necessary for complete cure.

Q: Some people complain about their loans and some are those want the at-once progress in their wealth after the treatment of “Binding-of-Business”. Please explain this situation?

A: In such circumstances, one need to remember that if the excess of loans is due to the “Binding-of-Wealth”, then there must be a proper treatment for this. After this, the wazaif (recitation of specific prayers) and prayers, etc will be fruitful. If some on starts the “wazaif” to get rid of loans without any treatment of Bandish-e-Rizq (the binding of wealth), then it may be useless. The situation of the progress of wealth is also like that. After the treatment of “Binding” one should assume its shop or business as new. As the new shop or new business takes some time to progress, in the same way after the treatment of Binding (Bandish), the situation becomes new one. In such situation, some other tasks should also done along with the spiritual treatment and amulets and do not finish to pray to almighty Allah who is the lord. If we only include in the amulets and will forget Allah Almighty, then it would be worse. May Allah protect us.

Q: Some people demand guarantee in the spiritual treatment. They say that you will start the treatment and we will pay you but what is the guarantee that our problem will be solved?

A:Such people are those who have taken the treatment already from other places. Our institution is providing the services under the spiritual supervision of Respected Molana Ali Afaq on non-profit basis. The lawyer works for the case, gives the hope and satisfaction for success but can not give the guarantee. In the same way, the doctors put a signature on the death-paper in case of surgery and operation and cannot give the guarantee of cure and the relatives of the patients happily sign the paper and operate. Our institution talks to such people very clearly that you consult to Allah (do Istikhara) and pray to Allah and request to Allah that I am going to start the treatment from that place by giving them the money, if this is fruitful, please give me the satisfaction and if it is not good, please divert my attention from that place. If you see something, act according to that, otherwise do not contact us. Do the Istakhara (consult with Allah) according to the traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Say the prayer of 2-Rakaat after the Esha-prayer and pray to Allah Almighty after the prayer. After praying, go to bed and sleep without talking to any one. You may get the guidance from Allah Almighty within 1,2 or maximum 7 days. If you do not see any guidance then act according to your own thinking. This is an important in the case of guarantee that almost every person has been cured who has taken the treatment from our institution under the spiritual supervision of Respected Molana Ali Afaq. Claim and promise is not suitable for the person. We work as hard as possible for us but the results are in the orders of Allah Almighty and it is a fact that the prayer can change the fate and destiny, so do not forget to pray to Allah Almighty.

Q: I’ve recited a specific “Wazifa” at several lakh times after having the permission of a specific “Peer” but my circumstances are still disturbing. Will I become all right after your treatment?

A: Your question is relevant and good. It is a natural, when you did not cure after the recitation of Holy Quran and Asma-ul-Husna several times, then the mind automatically becomes hopeless. But you did not ask from that person that either he knows the knowledge of spells completely or not. You have just recited the specific Wazifa without knowing anything about the knowledge of spells. The magical and giant’s effects are very strict and powerful and they do not remove properly just reciting the verses. It needs the guidance of a spiritual teacher and proper “Chillah-Kashi”. If we will recite the verses and Wazaif without knowing such things, we will not succeed. The specific fields are related to the specific persons and we should not interfere before knowing the specific fields. Now if we will start the treatment, we will see the precautions and proper cure and after the treatment of some days, you will realize that there is a lot of difference between our treatment under the supervision of Molana Ali Afaq and the treatment of the others.

First Important Thing:

Such questions are raised by those people who becomes the victim of the magic and the giants after the treatment. They should give their attention towards the proper defence and protection instead of asking the guarantee. Otherwise, there is no treatment in which the doctor say that your stomach will not disturb whatever you do, or now you are protected from the fever and the flue. But if we do the proper precautions, we will protect. In the same way, there are some people who are continuously attacked with the magical and evil effects by their enemies. The becomes very disturb and suffer a lot of difficulties. Such people should make the proper defence and protection instead of blaming the person who has cured them. Such people should get the proper spells of defence and protection from our institution and should keep in touch with the institution.

Second Important Thing:

Some people do not know the importance of spiritual treatment. They do not aware of the cure process of spiritual treatment and do not want to give it any importance. This all is actually a hidden process. A person who is in doubt, when start the treatment, he will surely get nothing. But if anyone is confident and has faith in Allah Almighty and is taking the treatment as the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and is acting upon all the advises of the spiritual scholar will automatically succeed. In this way the hidden forces which are helpful in the cure process like giants will also pleased to help and the task will complete very easily and quickly as soon as possible.

Third Important Thing:

Some people spend a lot of money to their daily works but when they come to the person who is going to start their treatment, they will start speaking lies that they do not have anything, they have a lot of loans to pay, etc. In this way, they do not get the will of the spiritual scholars and proper cure. The people who pay the money to the person who is curing them, either getting loans, will definite get the success. So it is an important thing that you should not tell a lie, where you start your treatment.

Fourth Important Thing:

Some people ask such type of questions which are based on the stupidity and less common-sense. For example someone says: “A lot of days have been passed but my hurdles are still existing. I have gotten the treatment from many people but no one has succeeded to solve my problem. I have spent millions in this context, but the result is zero”. It is right in one way, that you have gotten the treatment from a lot of great personalities, but you have come here today and we do not make any claim, we only do the treatment and we have continued this welfare project without any greed. You have spent a lot of money but you have not given any thing to us up till now. Therefore if you want and you got the positive sign after doing Istikhara, then please start the treatment and suggest the method of treatment for yourself, so that you will not be able to blame any other person in the future. (All the three methods of treatment are given in this page)

Fifth Important Thing:

With all other things, please do the respect while talking and sharing your problems. If you will not do the respect or honour to healer, the giants who are doing their job during your treatment will vanish away and this will effect the process of cure. So tell all you problems to spiritual scholar and worries with a respect, honour and manners.

Sixth Important Thing:

Some people say: “You start the treatment, I will not disappoint you. I will pay all your dues and make you happy. If you have any order for me please say. Please trust me, I am not like other people, if I decided to be with someone, I always be with him”. Such people are great in their own respect. But our institution is a non-profit institution. It gives the services on the base of welfare and not works on the base of trade or business. The institution is already running on the basis of financial help, provided by the people and it is not suitable to force it for more expenses. We do the treatment, not for the purpose of earning money and receive only necessary and essential expenses which are compulsory for the treatment (Sadqa of Moakkalat). The more amount which any person want to submit to our institution will give the benefit on the Day of Judgment.

Seventh Import Thing (Contact with the Spiritual Physician):

The contact of the patient with his spiritual physician and the institution is very important. If any person does not contact to the institution and does not give the detail of his circumstances, then he gets less benefit. It is a very bough job to eradicate all tragedies and symptoms of the patient. The board of the spiritual physicians of the patient. The board of the spiritual physicians of the institution, under the supervision of Respected Molana Ali Afaq is always busy in serving the people, therefore they do not have time to see the situation spiritually theirselves. That is why the only way of telling the symptoms is the patient himself, who tell the situation via call or email. The patient who will abide by all the rules and remain in touch, will surely get more advantage and cure quickly.

Eighth Important Thing: “Do As Directed”:

Some people say that the spell or verses which you have suggested, I already have done but all in vain. The important thing for such persons is that it is not suitable to revise the past situation. In the treatment of medical, the medicine is same, for example; the paracetamol is manufactured by different companies and the purpose of all companies is same to eradicate the pain and fever, but as for as the spiritual treatment is concerned, the situation is totally different. Here you have not to see that this spell or verse has already directed to you to recite but you have to see that how much powerful relation is behind the spell which our institution has done. The genuine power is that, which is working behind it. As being a patient, your duty is to use the verses or spells as directed with a great confidence. However, if you do not have cured, the complaint is your right.

Ninth Important Thing: One Spiritual Physician at One Time:

It is Persian proverb that you should contact to one person and should contact with confidence at one time. It means that the patient should do the treatment from one person on institution at one time. If the same work is done with different people at the same time, then it will become almost impossible. In order to understand, see this situation. You may start the treatment of the magic from one person. The giants and other hidden forces reach from one side to complete the task. Meanwhile you contacted and started the treatment from the other spiritual physician, and his giants and “Muakkals” also reach to complete the task. In this way two situations may occur. Either both sides of giants will start fight, or both of the giants will think that what is the need of us? if they are present here. In all such situations, the whole benefit will get the magician and the enemy and the whole loss or damage will bear the poor patient. Therefore, the patients should avoid such situations, otherwise the great tragedy may occur. The patient should not use the spell of other spiritual physician or recite the Verse/Wazifa of others during the treatment and not use the amulets of other spiritual physicians.

Tenth Important Thing: Finish Allah Other Wazaif/Spells:

If you have left the treatment from any spiritual physician, you should also leave all the verses, spells and Wazaif, suggested by that person. It is because, if you have left the treatment and have not leave the Wazaif, then your spiritual connection or relation will remain active with that person through that Wazaif and the hidden forces and giants which work behind any spell or Wazifa will disturb you. So if you have left the treatment from any spiritual physician, you should also leave all his Wazaif, spells, amulets, etc. The amulets (Taweez) should be thrown into any canal or river.

Eleventh Important Thing: Avoid Dis-Obedience and Arrogance:

If you have left the treatment from any spiritual physician, you should avoid his arrogance and disobedience. The verses from Holy Quran and the traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) are enough for us in this context, as a Muslim is directed to act upon Shariah and the traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his followers.

Most Important Thing:

Sometimes people recite different verses and Wazaif for the problems of job, journey of foreign countries, business, hurdles in marriage and several other problems. But they cannot get the required results and therefore they become worry and sometimes they become disappoint. But they do not care the “proper test” Ruhani (Tashkhees) of their problems. It is because some people do not know the reality of the magic and giants and some people do not believe on such things and some people say that what is our concern with these things? Have we damaged anyone? We offer prayer, perform Hajj and act upon almost all the teachings of Islam. Such kind of people and all those who want to start the “Wazaif”, they should not forget the proper and genuine test of their problems Ruhani (Tashkhees). It is because the evil effects of the magic can influence even the Holy Prophet (PBUH), so what I am? Therefore we should not be arrogant to our prayers or any other good works and first of all do the proper test and then adopt the treatment according to the results of that test. If we will perform the test Ruhani (Tashkhees) late, then it will be dangerous for us.


The institution do not give any guarantee of the treatment. Our task is treatment and the results are in the hands of Allah Almighty. We do not have any claim or promise. If you send the Sadqa, then it is non-refundable and non-transferable. The Istekhara is the tradition of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) before any work, so it is necessary to act upon it before the starting of Ruhani Treatment (ruhani ilaj).