The Greatest Miracle of NABI AKRAM صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم is The Holy Quran Quran e Pak is the greatest miracle the safety of which upto the day of resurrection (Qayamah) has been guaranteed by Almighty Allah Himself. Millions of Sahaba Karam, Taabieen, Taba Tabieen, Aemma-e-mujtahideen and other muslim Huffaz have been memorizing it (the Holy Quran) by heart till today and preserve its originality in their hearts. It is a settled reality that Quran and Deen e islam have been sent in this world to survive till Qayamah. Lucky are the people who have enlightened their own hearts and those of their off-springs with the sacred light (NOOR) of Quran and by acting upon this code of life have become Jannat and will be able to assure Jannat for 10 more people for whom the fire of Jahannum (hell) will be declared. Such people who are desirous of Easal e Sawab it is a golden chance for them. The publication of this heavenly book the distribution and to spread it upto people has been declared as Sadqa e Jaria (the everlasting virtue for the people to achieve the pleasure of ALLAH upto Qayamah) even after their death. So you are invited to come forward and become the source of favorable sacrifice for your kith and kin and other passed away muslims and earn unlimited Sawab (reward) by giving it as charity to mosques, libraries, madaris and distant villages up to your capacity or make the free distribution of Quran e Pak sure through the institutions and become deserving for Jannah from Allah (Subhanahu Watala). Please click here to get Quran and to gift Quran Pak also.



Defeat the Magic

Black Magic Cure in Pakistan (Kale Jadu ka Rohani Ilaj)

Magic actions, attacks by giants and evil spirits are spoiling the situation nowadays regarding the restless situation of houses, families, trade and making new relationships. The household quarrels, the jealous relations, black magic on running business, cry on each other in the house, fears and crying of small kids and little babies cannot be over thrown despite of your hard work are generally within your own house and no benefit is found despite of sacred Sadaqat, wazaif and spiritual deeds (amliyat).

In these circumstances, the evil spirits in homes, offices, factories, shops etc are necessary to expel. Because without expelling them it is impossible to have peace in home. This method shows positive spiritual effects for the expulsion the evil spirits of magic, for which the AMIL has to live himself in that place for a few days to complete the method. Sometimes the situation of a patient is completely stuck to his bed and no hope and treatment proves successful. Such a patient has to be directly kept under the consideration and cure of a spiritual expert so that the evil spirits and their effects can be destroyed upon him/her within a few days. And in this process of cure it is essential to be in front of spiritual expert at least one time.

If you are the victim of black magic and you are suffering its effects, you should contact experienced black magic cure experts in Pakistan (kale jadu ke ilaj ke mahir) like Maulana Ali Afaq. He is considered as the best expert to defeat the black magic effects (kale jadu ke asrat). By the grace of ALLAH swt we are helping people of the victim of black magic in Pakistan and abroad. If you and any of your relatives, friends need guidance for spiritual issues then contact us immediately at + (92) 321 4168008 and set your meeting.

Personal meeting with Maulana Ali Afaq Sahib on every Sunday from 7:00 am to 10:00 am: You can set up a time for meeting with Maulana Ali Afaq Sahib in your own city.


Sadaqa Ka Ammal

A peculiar deed of sacrifice or alms (SADQA): In the light of Sahih Ahadith the “Sadqa“ plays a vital role to survive from cruelty of death and get rid of agonies. Considering this our organization has been arranging for the special action of Sadqa for the last many years. And their marvelous results have been observed by all people who pay Sadqa and perform this deed as instructed. The marvelous results of this special deed of Sadqa are follows:

  • The returns of lost things, person, money and ornaments.
  • The effects of magic giants, bad looks, restrictions in the trade and business, the end of restrictions in employment, avoids resistance in new relationships and also helps recovering from diseases.
  • This Sadqa deed is also useful and helpful for those people who are under pressure of their health and wealth loss from others and are in fear of black magicians and evil spirits.
  • Such people who are in abroad, Sadqa is a perfect security for those and their families living in other countries.
  • It is also a solution for the education problems, getting best results in education, pious and favorable marriage proposals.
  • There is no other perfect deed than Sadqa for have blessings and business, vanquishing the enemies and to win the hearts of higher level authorities and officers, or any problem and need life this deed is a perfect solution for all.
  • The people who wish to start new business, new job, new home construction, shifting to new personal or rented home, can get benefit from this deed of Sadqa. Please come and join us in this deed of Sadqa, we perform this deed in the first 10 days of each English month. For any permissible purpose Rs. 2,100/- (two thousand one hundred only) to be paid in Sadqa is essential.




Interruption of business, the blessings of children disobey, travel ban, an employee with the employer’s attitude be merciful, be merciful to my wife, to attract customers to the store, to the head stones, friend John was sprinkling , in honor I did not stop working in offices, not from someone you know, or deal in any business are protected from loss, gain spiritual growth, mustajab aldauat hard to be caught in the act Folds Future plans are guided by Allah, are the ease of decision, decision making and safety advice, helping people become tasks, rather than the opposite, be blessed in resources, exceptional skills in children. appear, be granted relief from children, work hard to be modest, but in the world have followed in the footsteps will not run. If you want everything from the “username Minister” get Occupation solution is recommended for you to name ministers.



Husband Wife Problems

If the husband or wife or both do no love each other, the husband gets interest or involves in other women, do not respect his wife, do not give her the money, fights with her, beats her, do injustice or unkind behavior and all similar problems can be solved in our institution.  The special and unique spells of love and treatment for any kind of the magic can be obtained from our institution. l-Cases: Some people are involved in fake judiciary cases for many years.  They feel a lot of disturbance.  Our institution provid Un-Lawful or Un-Ethical Relations: The situation becomes very panic and tragic when the husband has some un-ethical relations with other women or the wife is involved with other men.  To get rid of all these wrong-relations, obtain the special and unique spells (Aamaal) from our institution.  If there is a problem of the magic, then get the proper and complete cure of it from our institution.



Hazrat Maulana Ali Afaq sb is a doctor by professional and he is running a clinic. He has been serving the world with his spiritual world of knowledge, since 1997. He serves the ailing community/people with the idea of worship. He fully serves with enthusiastic feelings of service of the humanity as a whole. The project he works upon is a living proof of his services and affections for humanity. He has special expertise of about expulsion of Jinnat, evil spirits and magic. The agonies on account of domestic querrels, trade or office employment. The expulsion of Jinnat (evil spirits) is his special subject. His peculiarity is that teaching the knowledge about jinnat, he teaches the method how to keep oneself safe from all such abnormalities, like black magic, Jinnat and Satans. His sphere of services is not only limited to Pakistan rather it is extended to all countries abroad, due to which numerous people in different countries has been benefitted, for which he himself and his institution are thankful to Allah Subhanahu Watala.



Blood-pressure is like a lazy enemy which results in death of the person.  There are numerous reasons of blood-pressure, for example; spicy-foods, laziness, over-eating, not taking exercise, mental disturbance, insomnia or anxiety etc.  The important thing to be noted is that the hear problems, breathless, obesity, acidity and stomach-problems are also due to the blood-pressure.  To get proper and durable cure from the blood-pressure, please use our Blood-Pressure-Course which is a great product of AFAQ Clinic, designed with a great struggle of years.



Piles is a very dangerous and disturbing disease.  Along with the other causes, the laziness, not taking exercise, avoiding walk and the use of spicy foods are the major reasons of piles.  This disease starts with the constipation tablets and avoid the proper anti-constipation tablets and avoid the proper treatment.  In this way, this disease becomes more serious and critical.  First of all, the patients of this disease should change their life-style.  They should use proper and balanced diet.  The use of Hemorides Course along with these instructions eradicates the disease.



Married and unmarried women of almost every age are suffering from the disease of Leucorrhoea.  This disease causes different effects.  For example, the face of such women looks old, they feel back-pain, bone-pain, itching, eye-problems, head-ache, hair-fall, constipation, intensity of thirstiness, freekles and acnes are very common.  With this disease, the women feel laziness, tireness, sadness and anger.  These symptoms also disturb the mothers and they try to use numerous tactics but the girls who are patients, usually do not go for treatment due to shyness.  Sometimes this diseases results in Infertility, which is more dangerous situation.  AFAQ Clinic has designed a useful product of Leucorrhoea-Course with valuable herbal and homeopathic ingredients for all above symptoms.



Now a days, a lot of people are suffering the problems of Obesity.  There  are numerous causes of this disease.  For example laziness, easiness, not taking exercise, use of vehicles instead of walking, immoderate sue of spicy food and fats, un-necessary use if sugar in milk, pastry or bakery results in Obesity.  If you want to become smart and attractive, having normal-weight, please use Obesity Course.  AFAQ Clinic has designed it with a great struggle and research of years.  We have included the useful, fruitful and harmless ingredients of herbal and homeopathic in this valuable course.  That is why it can cure all the symptoms of Obesity, with the grace of Allah Almighty.  This course enhances the men power also.